Gulf Coast Food and Florida Waterfront Restaurants
Florida Gulf Coast Food and Waterfront Views combines three unique elements.
  • First we focus only on food along Florida's coast.
  • Second, we offer boaters, travelers, tourists and Florida residents an alternative to the common destinations widely publicized and commonly know.
  • Third,, we feature restaurants that have a waterfront view. No restaurant serves bad food, but add the attraction of Mother Nature's gulf, bays, islands and river inlets and all food just tastes better.
Even more interesting is the cultures that change along with the seafood produced along the several thousand miles of tidal shoreline. Of course, the language is the same, but the dialects and accents change from the Cajun influences in the western panhandle to the Spanish and native American heritage in the keys.

You won't find information about chain restaurants, Disney style attractions or famous
big resorts. You will find the places that have character, history and some of the friendliest people in the world.